Queen Mother Imakhu
(Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario)
Shenu-Khametic Yoga is changing awareness.

"Better health, and a feeling of overall bliss. Shenu Yoga is very relaxing. The poses are lessons that help you not only gain a better understanding, but also grow closer to the Khametic deities. Part lesson. Part exercise. All fun."

- Brionna Bacon, Khametic spiritual student 


"After a lifetime of struggling with obesity and poor health, I am now stronger, more flexible, and healthier since taking Shenu Yoga with Queen Mother Imakhu. I'm more optimistic, and feel a deep sense of spirituality, and my place in this world."

- Angela Sepulveda, Shenu Yoga student


People should take Shenu Yoga whenever they can... I think it's great."

- Baba Nkosi Mingo, Artist 


 "Studying with Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu has been so eye-opening. Her training focuses much more on the deeper spiritual aspects of Yoga. This detail was woefully lacking during my hatha yoga teacher training & continuing education workshops, which mainly concentrated on achieving more & more advanced poses. Training with Mwt Nswt (Queen Mother) is what I was looking for nearly 8 years ago!"

- Imani Newsome, Certified Yoga Instructor of 9 years now studying under Queen Mother Imakhu


"I had the pleasure of experiencing Queen Mother Imakhu's Shenu-Khametic Yoga workshop twice. Since then I incorporate the poses that help me to maintain flexibility, alleviate stress as well as a connectedness just knowing that this is my history. "

- JuVita Irving, Afrikan Village Brooklyn Co-Facilitator


Shenu-Khametic Yoga is for students interested in learning yoga from an Ancient Egyptian perspective.

"Shenu" means "Protective, harmonious Circle (or oval)" in the Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) language.


"IuGah" is body and spirit.


"Heter" is "To join; to yoke."


Heter IuGah em Shenu (Shenu-Khametic Yoga) is a complete yoga system, incorporating  Khametic spirituality, poses, meditation, breath work, ancient lore, cultural protocols, hieroglyphs, sound healing, and motivational goal setting. Queen Mother Imakhu (Pastor), Khametic High Priestess, Elder, Queen Mother, scholar, ordained minister,  yogini, and certified yoga instructor, shares her comprehensive, personal yogic practice. Her highly informative, motivational sessions are like no other. Like her Shenu Gentle Yoga classes,  Shenu-Khametic Yoga encourages a gentle, yet challenging approach to yoga. This is more in the flow of the foundational Khametic principle of Ma'at (harmony, balance, order).


What Shenu-Khametic Yoga Does

~ Teaches a full circle understanding of the Khametic Way of Life.

By understanding how poses relate to Khametic language, lore, history, spirituality,

ethics, principles, and mysticism, students are empowered to create their own

positive reality. "Kheper-ni tches" means "I create myself." Shenu Yoga is prayer

through the sacred body temple.

~ Teaches the art of meditation from a Khametic perspective.


~ Teaches arit (chakra) balancing from an African Khametic perspective.


What Shenu-Khametic Yoga DOES NOT DO:


~ DOES NOT teach or explore tantra. Shenu Yoga's focus is on character building,


spirituality, and goal achievement. We are not interested in, nor preoccupied with,


the use and abuse of sexual energy. The pure Life Force energy that flows within and


throughout the all of existence should be used to bring our lives into harmony with,


and respect of, one another. While sex is a part of life, preoccupation with sex is not


in Ma'at (harmonious balance and order).


~ Does not guarantee the same results for everyone. We are all different. We all respond to yoga differently.


~ Does not discourage students from seeing a physician or mental health expert. This is not a substitute for your general or specialized health care. Shenu-Khametic Yoga does provide a substantial supplement to and support for your overall wellness program.


~ Does not compete with other yoga programs. We focus on doing what we do with integrity, high quality, and sincerity.


~ While Shenu-Khametic Yoga does teach arit (chakra) work from the Khametic perspective, it IS NOT the same as Kundalini Yoga. 


~ Shenu-Khametic Yoga does not set aims on teaching students acrobatics.

Shenu-Khametic Yoga encourages meaningful, achievable, yet challenging movement.

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