Teaching at Hayes West

Recreation Center, Newark, NJ for the intergenerational female empowerment program G.A.L.S.


Yoga and meditation carry us through all stages of life. Arrange for Queen Mother Imakhu to teach in your facility. Her classes provide a well-rounded experience of yogic movement, goal setting, motivation, cultural education, calorie burning, breath work, meditation, and relaxation. Dietary tips, holistic healing modalities, and more. Public or group/individual private classes are available. Bring a mini notebook, a pen/pencil, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothes.

One day introductory workshops or short term classes in blocks of four to twelve week renewal blocks are ideal for special interest groups, community centers, fitness centers, private groups. Learn how to attract positivity, personal power, and peace into your life through Shenu Yoga.

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Corporate ~ Pre-Natal ~ Mom/Dad & Me ~ Youth ~ Sista Yoga ~ Water Yoga ~ Senior/Differently-Abled Yoga ~ Ancient Egyptian

Corporate Classes

Bring Shenu Yoga classes to your organization or corporation for staff relaxation, creative visualization, problem solving, confidence building, and to create higher achievement levels among individual employees and work teams. Yoga at the workplace increases overall wellness, and reduces illness related absenteeism. Using chair and desk, or mat for floor work. Ideal for workshops, lunchtime, after work, retreats, special events. Learn yogic techniques to enhance leadership, comradery, and to motivate your staff into a winning team!

Shenu Pregnancy Yoga

Good pre-natal care is important to the health of the expectant mother, and to the baby.

Shenu Pregnancy Yoga takes a gentle, yet effective approach to calmly growing into your pregnancy. Attain muscle strength and fluidity to accommodate body changes within and without. Learn pregnancy anatomy, nutritional information, practical relaxation and breathing techniques, positive affirmations, reflexology, meditation, and stress-coping techniques that will help during and after pregnancy. Prepare your body for birth, and for post-natal fitness. Perfect for yoga beginners (yes!) and all levels.

Mom/Dad & Me! Shenu Yoga

Shenu means harmonious circle. Bring things full circle by introducing your child to yoga as you serve as an inspirational guide and partner. Bring your infant or toddler. Together you will learn how to listen to your own body, the fun of flexibility, the importance of making the body strong and healthy, healthy eating choices, how to listen, how to be compassionate, and how to cope with frustration. Life long positivity patterns are introduced. Create peace in your household!

Youth Yoga

For kindergarten to high school. Young people enjoy the challenge of achieving the poses, while at the same time learning to self-regulate with deep breathing and meditation. Children also learn nutrition tips, the power of self-discipline, and creative visualization. Bring Queen Mother Imakhu to your school, recreation center, or homeschool group.

Sista Yoga

For girls and women only! This class caters to intergenerational female yoganistas (practitioners). Beginners, Intermediates. Feel safe in an environment that encourages connectedness with body, mind, and spirit. Includes info about the female health, holistic healing, body awareness, meditation, stress relief.

Shenu Water Yoga

Water Yoga is gentle, yet adds the resistance of water, plus the added challenge of balance during the the session. However, Shenu Water Yoga also utilizes the pool's edge to help maintain balance while still getting an effective, theraputive workout. Great for toning, calorie burning, strengthening, limb fluidity.

Queen Mother Imakhu's specially created chair yoga classes for elderly, Boomer, and challenged populations have been a popular alternative to general low impact exercise. Classes include appropriately challenging floor work when requested. Students are always surprised to discover how their flexibility, range of motion, concentration, breathing, and muscle tone improve. A Baby Boomer who has overcome health obstacles herself, including epilepsy, chronic bronchitis/asthma, and diabetes,

Queen Mother shares beneficial holistic and dietary choices from first hand experience. A fun, one weekly hour class, or short term renewable residency.

Yoga for Boomer, Senior & Challenged Folks

80 year old Rose Salter taking

Queen Mother's class in a city park.

Shenu Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga

Did you know that there is strong evidence that yoga was first practiced in Ancient Egypt? Learn more about Queen Mother Imakhu's uniquely fulfilling, motivational

Shenu Khametic Yoga class here.

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