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Shenu Khametic Yoga is not just a form of exercise. Just as traditional yoga is a based on Buddhist teachings, Shenu Khametic Yoga is philosophical point of view and lifestyle. It is even believed that the teachings of The Buddha were actually the Khametic teachings by priests of Ptah. Taoist and Ifa teachings reflect Ma'at principles. A former Buddhist, Taoist, and Ifa practitioner, and current scholar and high priestess of Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) culture, and initiated Peace Maker,

Queen Mother Imakhu easily saw the connections.


Shenu is the path of peace, the peacemaker, and the artist as divine vessel.


Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice?

Shenu Living Waters  Universal Ministries can help you bring your life full circle.


Founded by Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu,

Shenu Ministries (formerly Akeru Temple) provides spiritual education and support for those who wish to live harmoniously. Be at peace with yourself and your world. 

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