Meditate to Create

I remember when Shakti Gawain's book, "Creative Visualization," hit the public in 1978. In the weekly teen Christian gathering I attended, this seemingly ground breaking tome was called "demonic."

A decade later, well after I'd left that circle, I found the book in local new age bookstore. I took it home, almost feeling like it should have been wrapped in a discreet brown paper bag. Opening that book led me to new adventures in opening my mind. Focused imaginings to manifest my wants and needs. New Thought circles that engaged in guided visualization journeys. Meditating to create. No small wonder that this methodology was considered evil. The notion of being in partnership with the Divine, instead of being a fearful, hapless tumble weed at the mercy of a remote, all controlling deity, is certainly a threat. A focused mind synced with and creating through the infinite Cosmic Mind equals liberation, and limitless potential. It also means that we have no reason to fear The Divine - especially when understanding that divinity is within and without.

As I came into Khametic knowledge and spirituality, it became clear that these concepts originated in the Nile Valley. The term "Kheper-ni tches" means "I created myself."

A powerful statement. It also means to claim responsibility for what manifests in our lives. What we imagine, pray, and speak into existence, no matter how gigantic or scant, must be addressed. Even when faced with a monster we created, or were victimized by, we have the choice to change the situation for the better. Where does that change begin? Meditation.

Meditation allows the body to settle while the mind clears, sort, considers, reconsiders... It's often difficult to make beneficial decisions when consumed with stress and stressful environments. At the very least, take a walk. Get out of the house, get out of the office, and be alone with your thoughts as you mindfully inhale and exhale. There is something about being out in the elements that can inspire us to reach solutions to troublesome challenges. If you can't leave the building, find a quiet corner. Deep breathing increases the oxygen in your brain, and brings tranquility. Once calm, begin imagining what you wish to bring to fruition. Clear, focused intent creates an energetic key signature that guides your manifestation door.

My Shenu Yoga classes are much more than achieving a series of poses. Each session helps the student understand, for example, that kheper (to create) is based on the nurturing principle of Khpri, the scarab beetle who creates and nurtures life - life is literally in his hands. Through his attentive crafting, he brings forth a new reality. Students then go into the Khpri pose, which opens the potential for transformation. They then meditate on how they want to rebirth themselves, or a situation. In addition, the appropriate hekau (Khametic Words of Power or affirmations), helps students to further open the energy within to be released for manifestation. When achieving each of the numerous poses in Shenu Khametic Yoga, there is great empowerment in knowing, intoning, and meditating with the African Khametic language. I have seen and experienced how it opens new opportunities more rapidly.

Believe that you are worthy of positive change in your life. Believe it is possible. Take personal time each day to meditate. See what you need to achieve. Make it so.

Queen Mother Imakhu's Shenu Yoga classes are taught in two public locations in the city of Newark, NJ. Her classes and workshops are also given privately, in corporate settings, and in community centers. Also, subscribe to online classes. Shenu Yoga is the core of Sharaym Shenu True Living Waters Temple services. 646-228-1185. Purchase Queen Mother Imakhu's CDs of Khametic chants here.


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